Enzyme Peel Treatments

We incorporate  one type of fruit enzyme in every facial because enzyme digests any debris sticking to the epidermal walls, assists cells in absorbing and retaining moisture longer in the epidermal layers , helps repairing DNA damage caused by UV rays, stimulates collagen production & elastin and slows down aging process.

Cranberry enzyme Peel



Mango enzyme Peel





Oxygen Facial


Pumpkin Enzyme Peel




Cherry Berry Enzyme Peel






Zesty Orange Enzyme Peel

$ 130



$ 130





$ 130


$ 130




$ 130






$ 130

Mildest of all enzymes, soothes, calm inflammation, rehydrates and increase immunity. great for: pustular acne, rosacea and very sensitive skin. Proven for its bacterial inhibiting and detoxifying and rich in anti-oxidants: vit A, flavonoids

With Astaxantin, A strong antioxidant and a  Combination of AHA, Good for :

– dehydrated skin

– sensitive skins, rosacea

– enhances the immune system

– stimulates collagen synthesis

Stimulates and allows the cells to function more effectively, speeds healing process, fights photo damage and is a must for smokers.

Pumpkin contains over 100 nutrients such as aspartic  Acid, ascorbic acid, Co-Enzymes, amino acids that will benefit all skin types. Suitable for treating :

– acne,congested skin

– dull, dry and ageing skin

Rich in powerful antioxidants called flavonoids that  have various therapeutic effects

– Strengthens collagen

– Anti-inflamatory

– Rich in antioxidants

– Slows the ageing process

– Improves skin texture and tone

Good for pigmentation and dry ageing skin

High in anti-oxidant , free-radical scavenger

Anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory

Absorbs UVA and UVB radiation