Skin Tags/Cholesterol/Warts

CLINICAL SKIN CLEAR is a breakthrough cosmetic innovation incorporating radio and high frequency technology which produces a current that enables rapid , precise, and non-invasive treatment of minor skin ireqularities such as:

Skin tags

Are liketiny flaps of skin, usually larger in a tear or diamond shape and are attached to the main surface of the skin by a narrow piece of skin tissue. Like all fibrous growths, they receive their blood supply and nourishment from the dermal layer via the epidermis.To remove these unwanted growths, their blood supply needs to be cut off, thus causing them to wither, atrophy and fall off. This is accomplished by accurately cauterising the part of the skin to which the skin tag is attached.

Milia ( whiteheads)

Milia are small keratinized epidermal cysts. Appearing more frequently among women, they are commonly found on the face,often appearing on the cheeks, eyelids and forehead.


Cholesterol Deposits (epidermal cysts)

Cholesterol Deposits are usually sebum trapped in a blind duct in the skin. Overtime they appear as a lump due to the accumulation of skin cells.

Blood spots/Cherry Angiomas

Blood spots are concentrations of blood present on the surface of the skin, overlaid with a translucent skin layer through which blood shows vividly. Usually they are bright in colour much like the centre of a naevus.


Is associated with the keratinisation process. These fibrous imperfections often become more prevalent with age.


>Raised skin pigmentation